Miniature warrior minotaur boss Dungeons and dragons, DnD, D&D, Pathfinder, painted Warhammer Fantasy


Boss Minotaur miniature warrior Dungeons and dragons, DnD, Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy, Colorful, for board games

Ravnica's minotaurs are strong in body, dedication and courage. They combine fiery fury in battle with sharp tactics that make them excellent commanders and valuable assault troops

Scenic base

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Ravnica's minotaurs are strong in body, dedication and courage. They are at home on the battlefield, willing to fight for their various causes. They combine fiery fury in battle with sharp tactics that make them excellent commanders and valuable assault troops

Legends of the minotaurs describe a small pantheon of heroes, perhaps once thought of as gods, who established the place of the minotaurs in the world. Each minotaur in Ravnica claims descent from one of these heroes. The Ordruun line is the most important, with thousands of members descended from an ancient hero who is said to have taught the minotaurs the arts of war. Other important family lines include the Kharran line (mainly associated with the Gruul Scab clan), the Drendaa line (found scattered among the Gruul clans), and the Tazgral line (divided between the Boros and gruuls, with a significant number also in the Rakdos). Since each family line has so many members, minotaurs usually do not find it useful to link the line name to their personal names; although Commander Grozdan of the Kamen Fortress of the Boros Legion is a prominent member of the Ordruun line, he would never call Himself Grozdan Ordruun a human being.

Enhance the gaming experience with this resin thumbnail. You can finally see your favorite role-playing game character (D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy, etc...) in 3D with incredible attention to detail. All our miniatures are made with a semi-flexible resin very resistant to shocks and ideal to be colored.


We offer three quality choices:

- ECONOMY: the level of detail is the same as the standard and what our competitors offer but if you want to save some money you will have to help us. You will receive the thumbnail with print media again. Nothing impossible. Simply remove them with trunchenches or tweezers. But savings are guaranteed πŸ’Ά πŸ’Ά πŸ’Ά πŸ’Ά;

- STANDARD: the details are the same as those provided by our competitors and the miniature will arrive clean ready to be used for your sessions or to be painted;

- HIGH DEFINITION: the level of detail is the top. You'll hardly find it in other stores. We use 4K technology to make the prints and a special resin that stands out the details. Look at the photo in the gallery to understand the differences. Here too you will get the clean miniature ready to be used for your sessions or to be painted.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us! πŸ§™


- S (Small) about 25-30mm high, ideal for dwarves, goblins, gnomes, or humanoids on a 28mm scale... (round base 25 mm in diameter);

- M (Medium) 30-35mm high, perfect for humanoids, characters, elves, orcs... (round base 25 mm in diameter);

- L (Large) 60-65mm high, perfect for Ogres, Monsters, Big Monsters, Huge Beasts... (round base up to 50 mm in diameter);

- XL (Huge) 80-110 high, perfect for Giants, Epic Monsters, Epic Creatures, Dragons, Statues (round base up to 76 mm in diameter);

- XXL (Gigantic) 120 high-... mm perfect for Colossal Monsters, Epic Giants, Ancient Dragons, Mammoth Monsters. (round base up to 10 cm in diameter).

We use as standard size (30mm) the one indicated on the D&D monster manual. If you need an even bigger thumbnail or a particular measure contact us and we will do everything we can to please you.


Miniatures come with the classic round base but if you want to make your miniature epic choose the scenic base.. if you choose advanced painting is included.

We offer hand painting service of your miniatures. You can choose between two levels:

- base level: base color and washing.

- advanced level: Base color, washes, contrasts, different lights/shadows, texturization of materials and details

Your miniature will never be the same again.


Miniatures are sent by express courier and the tracking code is always provided.

Do the measures we propose not meet your needs? Does your character have a particular height? Do you want me to be as faithful as possible? Let us know and we will be happy to satisfy you.

We are authorized resellers with a regular commercial license.


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